Who Will Support My Digital X-Ray Equipment?

July 17, 2023

When radiologists and their offices are looking to invest in new x-ray equipment, one key element to consider is that of support and service. X-ray equipment needs to be regularly maintained and serviced, and the entire process is made simpler and less time consuming when it is considered at the point of purchase. That’s why Medlink Imaging always offers support for the x-ray equipment we sell.

Medlink manufactures cutting-edge x-ray equipment and digital imaging technology. To service these systems, we make use of a trustworthy partner network that spans from coast to coast. Our partners have all the proper tools, resources, and training to effectively provide support and service for everything sold. Expect easy, hassle-free support, with less downtime, and reliable results.

Beyond that, we also manufacture and sell our own products as well. In this case, we offer optional direct manufacturer support plans. This can provide a lower overall cost of ownership over the lifetime of a product, and so many radiologists opt for this. Medlink support is available to our partner network as well, which means added assistance is available to them should there be any lingering questions, concerns or other issues.

It’s important to remember that, beyond the actual functionality of a product, there’s also the matter of x-ray compliance. These regulations are constantly changing, but generally, x-ray equipment will need to be inspected and serviced on a regular, ongoing basis in order to stay in good standing. This is to ensure the health and privacy of patients who undergo imaging from that equipment.

Further, there are other areas for x-ray compliance to consider, such as HIPAA. The full-service solutions we offer come into play with our DICOMesh Synchronized Backup and Recovery services.

Medlink Imaging does more than simply sell a product. When purchasing x-ray equipment from our partners, rest assured that high quality service and support are always available. Additionally, there are invaluable extra solutions, such as x-ray compliance consulting and data recovery from DICOMesh.  Browse our website to view the full range of products available, find a local dealer, or call 800.456.7800 (Option #2) to speak with a representative for more information.