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Features With Patient Comfort In Mind


5” Standard Display

simplified system

Up to 60 semi-automatic pre-set positions

Removable grid

Optional (AEC) Automatic Exposure Control

Dual Laser LED Collimator

Technologist friendly features with collimator and system movement controls from Bucky

Integrated High Performance Digital Flat Panel DR Detector

with fast image display and exceptional image quality

The Smallest Footprint

within an 8’ ceiling without limiting full-functionality

Technologist Friendly Feature

with collimator and system movement and collision sensors

Integrated Safety Features

with multiple emergency- stop buttons and collision sensors

Lightweight Mobile Patient Imaging Table

(max. Patient weight 516lbs.)


Integrated High Frequency X-ray Generator

with customized Anatomical Programming (APR) from the digital technologist workstation

(AEC) Automatic Exposure Control


Simplified Operation at your Fingertips with our Intuitive 5” Touchscreen

person using product

Unlimited Exam Possibilities

Quick, easy stand positioning along with motorized source-image-distance (SID) adjustment enables a wide spectrum of upright imaging of the chest, abdomen and other skeletal exams as well as supine imaging of patients on the optional mobile table including various oblique techniques.

Ergonomic user interface with multilanguage support, enable a high patient throughput. The Medlink SDR offers a unique feature-rich design making it universally useful in all applications of diagnostic radiography.


Linking Technology To The Imaging Professional

For the past 25 years, Medlink Imaging, LLC has been servicing the medical imaging market as a master distributor of radiographic products. Medlink has been leading the charge to expand from individual panel sales to full-room solutions. We are able to offer some of the highest-quality, competitive equipment packages available in today’s market. From analog products to Equipment DR solutions, Medlink is the one-stop destination for all your radiographic needs.


Wireless Portable Flat Panel Detector For Digital Radiography

Stable and Reliable AED

Easy Installation

High Image Quality

Fast Boosting Time

Efficient Workflow


Convenient Charging

17”*17” fixed cassette size tethered panel

Stable and reliable AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)

VXvue Acquisition Software

Digital Radiography Acquisitionfor VIVIX-S Series


Exclusive Radiography Acquisition

VXvue is a modern image acquisition program with specialized modules to acquire, adjust, and manage diagnostic images created by the VIVIX-S Series.

Advanced Image Processing | PureImpact™

PureImpact™ is a post-processing algorithm to enhance image quality for an efficient diagnosis.

Better Usability

Powerful Functions
Patient Multitask Management
Multilingual Software

Touch Interface for Tablet /Touch Screen Monitors

Touch-oriented Skin (Theme)
Touch-specialized Functions
Virtual Keyboard

Easy Customization

3 Types of Image Processing
Customizable Themes & Skins
Auto Rotation for
a Vertical Monitor

Optimized for Various Applications


VIVIX VW Series Wireless Panel & Medlink Workstation

Ready-to-go Plug and Play System*


24.2 (lbs)  11(kg)




14 bit

16 bit

3 Seconds

Dell Workstation

24" Touchscreen Monitor

5 Year - Hardware Warranty on Workstation and Monitor