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Panel Drop Insurance Coverage

Provided by Vieworks
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Provide Your Clients With Exceptional Coverage At Competitive Rates For Up To 5 Years

Protection that gives you the ability to quote and bind insurance for up to 5 years after the point-of-sale.

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Damage to the panel caused by an accidental drop is covered under drop insurance.

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Your customers will have access to exceptional coverage and competitive rates - fixed for the duration of enrollment.

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Coverage will not be cancelled due to claims and pricing is fixed for the duration of the enrollment.

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Your customer shall receive a permanent replacement detector directly from the manufacturer.

Piece-Of-Mind Protection With Benefits For Years To Come

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Interest Free Financing For Multi Year Policies.

We will not ask for multiple years upfront.

*See Insurance Detail sheet
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We’ll Do All The Billing And Collecting For You!

Once coverage is activated you are done.
We will follow up with future billing.

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Coverage Is Provided For Up To
(2) Occurrences Per Year.

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Your Customer Will Deal Directly With The Manufacturer, Freeing Up Your Valuable Time.

Panel Coverage Overview

Products Covered By Drop Insurance

3643VAW - HVE026,
3643VAW Plus - HVF030,
4343VAW - HVI024,
4343VAW Plus - HVJ030, 2530VAW - HV8048
2530VAW Plus -HV9031
2530FAW - HVK006
3643FAW - HVL008
4343FAW - HVQ006

Terms and Conditions

Your customer may purchase a 1 year to 5 year drop insurance policy, offered directly from the manufacturer

Price Per Year

Contact us for rates

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$5,000 (per occurrence)