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X-Ray Film & Accessories

Medlink Imaging has been one
of the largest master distributors
of analog X-ray film for nearly 24 years

X-Ray Films

AGFA Ortho CP-GU Universal X-ray Film

High Speed, Green Sensitive
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AGFA CP-GU is a general X-ray film   designed   for   use with green emitting intensifying screens

Provides excellent detail and rapid processing allowing for considerable dose reduction.

Suitable for a Equipment range of applications.

Excellent visualization across density levels.

AGFA CP-BU Universal Medical X-ray Film

High Speed, Blue Sensitive
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AGFA CP-BU is a general high speed, medium to high contrast X-ray film designed for use with blue emitting rare earth and calcium tungstate intensifying screens.

This is a universal film because of the design of the characteristic curve.

The use of a deep blue polyester base results in images with a nice, neutral look which are easier to read.

AGFA DM 1B and DM 2B X-ray Film

High Contrast / High Sensitive
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A dry processing film designed for use in AGFA DRYSTAR or equivalent imager. With the highest diagnostic grayscale hardcopy available.

These dry film products produce the very highest diagnostic grayscale hardcopy images.

The silver based image has a Dmax greater than 3.0, low fog and excellent stability.

The extended density range makes it ideal for multi-modality imaging, including Computed Radiology, CT, MRI, Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound.

AGFA Radiomat LS Autoradiographic X-ray Film

High Contrast / Blue Sensitive
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The AGFA Radiomat LS Autoradiographic film with sharp contrast and high resolution is ideal for sequencing especially in the Lifescience Fields such as: Western Blotting, DNA and Microbiology testing.

Sharp contrast and resolution for sequencing.

The film features low patient dose and excellent image quality for blotting & sequence autoradiography.

Optimized for chemiluminescence.

Specialized film for:
Research labs
Forensic labs
Laboratory testing
Research hospitals

AGFA Radiomat SG Orthochromatic X-ray Film

Medium Speed / High Contrast
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This X-ray film is the ideal when you have need  of  a  medium  speed, high contrast orthochromatic film.

Provides high contrast and excellent detail throughout the entire diagnostic range.

This medium-speed, high contrast film is compatible with any green-emitting rare earth intensifying screens.

When used with 400-speed green rare-earth intensifying screens, images have high clarity, high contrast , and overall image sharpness.

Use with 100-speed green rare-earth to get outstanding details in extremity images.

AGFA Radiomat M-Plus X-ray Film

Half Speed / Blue Sensitive
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This X-ray film is the ideal when you have need for a half speed, blue sensitive film for general radiography

Perfect for General Radiography.

Providing extra sharp images with outstanding detail.

Compatible with all blue-emitting intensifying screens.

Radiation Badge Services

Dosimetry badge services utilizingthe latest in OSL Technology
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New packaging includes a sealed unit resistant to heat and humidity for more accurate reporting.

New packaging includes a sealed unit resistant to heat and humidity for more accurate reporting.

Accurate reports with multiple means of delivery.
If any reading exceeds NRC safety standards you will be notified immediately.

Light and easy-to-wear.

Dosimeter is a four-element dosimeter with a minimal reportable dose of 1 mrem (if needed).

We employ the use of a fully NVLAP accredited lab (lab code 200666-0).

Proven, reliable, precise, utilizing the latest OSL Technology.

New packaging includes a sealed unit resistant to heat and humidity for more accurate reporting.

Wear periods include monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Simplified billing with no hidden fees.

Fully re-readable. Permanently bar-coded for user identification and tracking.

Timely delivery of dosimeters to your doorstep.

Hospital Grade Cassettes

Aviation-grade aluminum for outstanding durability of cassette and a patented strong protection layer on screen makes for a robust product to suit any environmental condition
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Extreme durability, that is both tough and light.

Available in various ranges of screen speeds and excellent flexibility.

Exceptional film-screen contact.

Nitrogen imploded open cell P.U. foam system.

Designed to eliminate noise and back-scatter.

Compatible with all film types.

Processing Chemicals
Medlink Brand Developer and Fixer

Medlink’s private label developer and fixer provide optimal image quality, stability and consistency with all types of Radiomat Films.

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