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Mobile DR Panel Holder 

The Mobile DR Panel Holder is a lightweight case that features a single ergonomic handle on the long axis providing a sure grip with a bidirectional Twin-Lock™ that secures the DR panel quickly and effectively. The encasement is easy to clean as it is milled from a single piece of HDPE, and protects the DR panel from any incidental damage that may occur during free exposure exams. 


Designed and engineered for precise fitment of any ANSI standard cassette size panel 

Designed and engineered for precise fitment of any ANSI standard cassette size panel 

Made from resilient, shock absorbent HDPE featuring radius edges for deflection and extra drop protection 

PureImpact™ is a post-processing algorithm to enhance image quality for an efficient diagnosis.

Simple bi-directional Twin-Lock eliminates accidental release of the panel from the holder 

Powerful Functions
Patient Multitask Management
Multilingual Software

Curved corners and radius edges don’t catch on bedsheets for easy placement in the mobile imaging environment 

Touch-oriented Skin (Theme)
Touch-specialized Functions
Virtual Keyboard

Single handle on the long axis allows for a variety of exams and a sure grip on expensive DR panels 

3 Types of Image Processing
Customizable Themes & Skins
Auto Rotation for
a Vertical Monitor

Lightweight, robust uni-frame design made from a single piece of HDPE 


Smooth, non-porous surface allows for effective cleaning and superior infection control 


Air-Ride corners and shock absorbent milled handles for additional drop protection


Weight Distribution Cap 

The Weight Distribution Cap is designed to protect your expensive and fragile DR panel from direct patient weight during standing feet exams. This cap features slip-resistant feet, cutouts for any tether, and it can withstand up to 750lb due to its reinforced design. 

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Product Advantages 

Rated up to 750lb. of direct patient weight 

Available in clear or opaque top 

Available with or without carrying handle

Slip resistant feet 

Cutouts for tether 

Available Panel Options

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VIVIX-S 1012N 

Tethered Gadox Panel 

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Wireless CsI Panel 

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Wireless CsI Panel 

VXvue Acquisition Software

Digital Radiography Acquisition Software for VIVIX-S Series 


Patient Registration 

Exclusive Radiography Viewer

Advanced Image Processing with Pure Impact

Better Usability

Touch Interface for Tablet / Touch Screen Monitors

Easy Customization

Optimized for Various Applications

QXLink 3.3

Powerful and Intuitive Mini PACS Software
QXLink 3.3 is a mini PACS that allows users to access diagnostic images stored on the server.


DICOM 3.0 Compatibility
VXvue (Vieworks’viewer) Compatibility

Customized Workstation

Our workstations are quality tested for reliability and offer a seamless “plug and play” experience with any panel purchased. It features a powerful i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD for rapid access, and a 1TB RAID1 drive for secure data storage. Equipped with a 24-inch touch screen monitor, this efficient workstation is ideal for medical environments that require precision and ease of use. 

workstationAdditional Vivix VW Series