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VXvue Acquisition Software

Digital Radiography Acquisition
for VIVIX-S Series

Exclusive Radiography Acquisition

VXvue is a modern image acquisition program with specialized modules to acquire, adjust, and manage diagnostic images created by the VIVIX-S Series.

X-ray image

Compatibility (PACS, MWL)

QXLink (Vieworks’ PACS) Compatibility

3rd-party IntegrationGenerator, U-arm, collimator, DAP (Dose Area Product), etc.

Advanced Image Processing | PureImpact™

PureImpact™ is a post-processing algorithm to enhance image quality for an efficient diagnosis.

X-ray image

Fine Details without Visual Artifact

Soft Tissue Delineation

Non-grid Chest Processing

Grid Line Removal with Clear Resolution

Fine Tuning

Better Usability

X-ray image

Powerful Functions

Auto stitching, auto cropping, auto labeling, etc.

Patient Multitask Management

Auto stitching, auto cropping, auto labeling, etc.

Multilingual Software

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese (user can add another language)

Touch Interface for Tablet /Touch Screen Monitors

X-ray image

Touch-oriented Skin (Theme)

Provides larger icons and fonts for intuitive operation of the touch interface

Touch-specialized Functions

Pin zoom, touch scroll, etc.

Virtual Keyboard

Can type without the need for a physical keyboard

Easy Customization

X-ray image

3 Types of Image Processing

Soft, normal, hard predefined parameters for personal preference

Customizable Themes & Skins

Can use the themes optimized for usage(basic theme, touch-oriented theme, theme for smaller monitor or tablet PC)

Auto Rotation for
a Vertical Monitor

VXvue UI changes when the monitor is rotated

Optimized for Various Applications

X-ray image


Optimizes the usage for general radiography


Provides built-in options for Dog, Cat, Exotics


Provides equine-specialized options and settings


Optimizes the usage for general radiography