An Inside Look At What May Be Next for X-Ray Compliance

July 25, 2023

What’s next in the world of x-ray compliance? Compliance is ever-changing and your office needs to stay up to date on changes to make sure you continue to stay compliant.

Let’s look at a few things that we think will be next for x-ray compliance, so your office stays ahead of the curve.

Digital Will be Mandated

It’s no secret that digital x-ray equipment has long been seen as the improved solution for offices. However, looking ahead, x-ray compliance is going to eventually force the entire industry to go digital.

The benefits of being able to safely store, access, and protect all of the information and records for your office are too great to not be utilized everywhere. Whether that mandate comes sooner than later is hard to predict, but if your office hasn’t yet jumped to digital, it’s a good time to explore that option.

System Integrations

The ability to integrate different systems across your office is going to be huge. With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to go both digital and wireless in one office. But new technology still needs to be able to speak and “play nice” with older, legacy systems, whether that’s across a single office, or multiple locations.

Integration is going to be especially important as the upgrade to digital becomes a mandate, as opposed to an option. It will also be important to consider the latest specifications and requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification.


If HIPAA is the “constitution,” then HITECH is more like the day to day laws of how that’s interpreted. In other words, HITECH is the technology mandates associated with HIPAA, and it’s going to play an increasingly larger role in terms of its impact on x-ray equipment and compliance. This is because many compliance laws were created first overall for electronic medical records (EMRs) and not X-rays, but it’s only a matter of time until there are more specifications in place for x-ray equipment.