What Quality Will I Get Out of Your Digital X-Ray Products?

July 16, 2023

Shopping for digital x-ray equipment can seem like a difficult proposition. Medlink Imaging aims to make the process easier for radiologists and their offices, by doing more than selling the equipment itself.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of working with Medlink Imaging, and how we’re able to put the medical professionals who work with us in a better position to succeed.


It’s about providing more than just a product or a piece of technology. It’s easy to visit any website or provider and simply purchase digital x-ray equipment, but that leaves much to be desired. Instead, Medlink offers a complete turnkey solution. That means you get the hardware itself, but also the software platform that makes it easy and intuitive to work with.

Data Recovery

Further, we have our DICOMesh Synchronized Backup and Recovery Services.  This cloud based Dicom-centric archiving platform provides the ideal solution for your HIPAA & HITECH compliant back-up and recovery needs.

Size & Scope

Everything we offer is designed to match the size and scope of your needs. Products and services here are entirely flexible and scalable. Don’t pay for what isn’t truly necessary, but maintain the ability to grow and move into the future without starting from scratch when current equipment could be used.


Of course, the quality of the x-ray technology actually being deployed makes a huge difference. Medlink Imaging provides cutting-edge medical imaging technology from all of the best and most trusted manufacturers. Ultimately, this means images with superior quality can be delivered, at a lesser x-ray dose, providing healthier outcomes for patients.

DR Solution

Digital imaging is able to expose patients to lesser amount of radiation, compared to traditional x-ray film. Combined with the superior quality of the images, that’s a win-win scenario for both the radiologists, and the patients.

Medlink Imaging provides a full range of digital x-ray equipment and services to radiologists in all areas – medical, veterinary, chiropractic, podiatry, etc.. The goal is always to do more to meet the true needs of clients, providing complete solutions rather than standalone equipment. Learn more about our products and find a dealer near you, or call us at 800.456.7800 (Option #2) to speak with a representative today.