Understanding the Differences Between Computed Radiography & Digital Radiography

July 24, 2023

One of the biggest questions that our prospective customers have is, “What’s the difference between computed radiography and digital radiography?”

So, is there a clear winner in the CR vs. DR debate? Is one better for your office than the other? Here, we’ll look at the differences between computed and digital radiography technologies, while examining which may be the superior choice for you.

First, consider how these two types of systems actually function. Computed Radiography is a mechanical system, using analog technology to take X-ray exposures with CR cassettes in place of traditional film cassettes. The CR system can then scan the image into a digital format. In other words, it’s somewhat of an intermediary step between old school analog and the digital world.

Compare this to digital radiography, which uses a full-fledged digital detector panel. This provides a number of key benefits and advantages to the office.

First, overall image quality is enhanced with DR systems in comparison to CR systems. This quality is also achieved in less time. DR systems can take and process images far more efficiently, meaning there’s less waiting and down time. It also means you can greatly increase patient throughput, meeting with more patients in less time, and keeping them waiting less, improving the overall patient experience.

Another key to consider is that radiation exposure is actually decreased with DR systems over CR. The extent to which that level is decreased depends on what system you’re using now, along with what you were using in the past, but either way it can be a substantial difference in exposure.

Digital radiography systems provide a number of other benefits, too. They’re generally less bulky, taking up less space in the office; and with wireless systems, they also become portable and even more versatile. Service response time can be reduced if online and remote servicing can be performed, and although DR systems are more expensive upfront, the total cost of ownership decreases with reduced needs for replacement parts and repairs.

Ultimately, what does all of this mean for you and your office? Digital radiography is a more efficient and effective system that helps you provide a superior patient experience.

Medlink Imaging wants to ensure your office is able to provide the best to its patients. If you have any further questions about computed radiography (CR) vs. digital radiography (DR), then call us at 800-456-7800 (Option #2) and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.