The Deciding Factors: How Do You Know If You’re Making the Right Choice?

July 18, 2023

If you’ve been shopping for a digital x-ray system for any length of time, you’ve likely narrowed down your options. Product X has these features, and Product Y has a couple different ones. But, when it comes to digital x-ray equipment, what should you really be basing your decision on?

In this article, we’ll share three major factors that should be considered, whether you’re moving to digital x-ray for the first time, or you’ve been on board with digital for years.

Differentiate Between “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves”

As you’re evaluating each digital x-ray system, you should have a few absolutes when it comes to specific features and benefits. These are the “must haves.” Those necessities will be different for different organizations. Each business is unique, so you need to understand your specific needs for your particular situation.

Then, there are the “Nice to Haves,” which are those features or functionality that would be nice, but not a necessity. Be sure to differentiate between the two. It is easy to get caught up in the bells and whistles when you’re talking with salespeople; but if you’ve separated the needs from the wants, you can focus your decision on what’s important – not what’s flashy.

Consider the Integration Process

Another key to keep in mind is a system’s ability to seamlessly integrate into any environment. This is something that is often glossed over elsewhere, and it’s something people often don’t realize until it’s too late, and an issue arises when it’s time for integration.

Ideally, you want flexible and robust products that can work in any setting, from private practices and veterinary offices to chiropractors and high-tech, high-volume hospital environments. Wherever you are – digital dinosaur or digital native – and whatever your specific needs, you need a system that will integrate smoothly with your current system and processes.

What About Ongoing Support?

Finally, you’ll want to ask the question, “Who is going to help after the sale?” It’s great to have a wonderful salesperson, but once they walk out the door with the contract and a check, what then?

You want to know there is a reliable support team on hand to address any needs for servicing or repair. This includes continuous maintenance scheduling, but also online and phone support when needed, as well as access to software upgrades, educational materials, and anything else to make your experience with your new digital x-ray system a great one.

There’s a lot to think about throughout the digital x-ray system buying process; but if you run your options through the filter of these three areas, you are much more likely to make the right decision. If there’s anything we can do to help as you evaluate your options, please let us know by clicking HERE, or calling us at 800.456.7800 (Option #2).