The Biggest Mistakes Vet Offices Make When Purchasing Digital Radiography Equipment

July 27, 2023

In many instances, the technology used by veterinarians doesn’t receive the same focus or level of attention that it would in a physician’s office. This often leads to mistakes being made when purchasing new veterinary digital radiography (DR) equipment.

Avoid these mistakes to ensure a smooth transition while making a purchase of DR equipment.

Mistake #1: Not Evaluating Needs

Don’t make assumptions that all systems work equally as well in all offices. Evaluate your actual needs in terms of finding the perfect digital radiography equipment for veterinarians, as opposed to a one size fits all “best” solution, which may not be a great match. Otherwise, your office could be stuck with a slow system that can’t keep up, or encounter any number of other problems.

Mistake #2: Buying on Price

The best veterinarian digital radiography equipment may come with an initial price tag shock for some. This leads many to make the mistake of simply seeking a lower upfront price, or to be smooth talked by a salesman. Unfortunately, you could end up locked into a bad long-term service contract, or buy systems that don’t meet your needs, as per mistake number one above. Consider the full cost of ownership, including service and support, and prioritize working with a partner who can be relied upon.

Mistake #3: Not Considering Integration

It’s a sad day for many veterinary offices when they start setting up their shiny new DR equipment only to realize that it cannot be fully integrated with their existing technology and systems. That’s a costly mistake to make. There’s a lot of technology in your office, and all of those systems need to be evaluated prior to the purchase decision.

Mistake #4: Thinking Short Term

Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to purchasing veterinary radiography equipment. As mentioned above, there’s the full cost of ownership to consider over the life of a product. However, there’s more to it than dollars. There’s having reliable service and support on hand when something needs to be repaired. There are ongoing needs for regular maintenance. And there are updates to systems, employee training and assistance, and so much more. Consider all of the potential ongoing time and expenses, and look at the long term.

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