5 Basics Facts Every Doctor Needs to Know About Digital Radiography

July 23, 2023

There still seems to be a lot of confusion over what digital radiography (DR) systems really offer, how they’re beneficial, and how they’re different from computed radiography (CR) or analog systems.

Here are several important facts that every doctor and medical office needs to know about DR systems. Is it time to make the transition to digital radiography?

Fact – DR Systems Increase Efficiency

With the capabilities of digital radiography, patient throughput is increased. More patients can be moved in and out in less time, streamlining your operation. Workflow is also optimized, with improved technology, as well as integration with other technology. There’s increased efficiency and less hassle at every step of the process.

Fact – DR Systems are Safer

Digital radiography systems reduce the x-ray dose compared to traditional CR systems. Of course, the benefits of this cannot be overstated in terms of long-term health and well-being. Radiation exposure can be reduced by up to 50 percent, and in some cases, even more, depending on the specifics of the systems.

Fact – DR Can Be Retrofitted

Many medical offices worry about a potential nightmare of switching out all of their old equipment and systems when making the upgrade to DR systems. However, digital technology can be retrofitted with existing equipment as well, making for a more streamlined transition process.

Fact – Easier Upkeep

A digital radiography system is much easier to maintain over time. There are fewer moving parts, reducing the likelihood of a costly mishap. They’re also easier to install, service, and inspect for ongoing maintenance. Once again, ease and efficiency are improved with DR systems.

Fact – DR is Mainstream

Does digital radiography sound as if it’s still far away from being accepted? Well, that’s not the case. Digital x-ray systems are already mainstream, and offices who haven’t upgraded yet are already lagging behind the times.

DR systems aren’t just the technology of the future, they’re already the best-practice for any medical office today. At Medlink Imaging, we offer a wide selection of digital x-ray systems, along with leading service and support plans.

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