3 Do’s and Don’ts When Upgrading to a Digital Radiography System

July 21, 2023

There have been wonderful technological advancements with regard to digital radiography (DR) systems in recent years. Any office that hasn’t made the switch yet is probably due for a change.

Before making any decisions though, use this guide to consider three important do’s and don’ts to follow when upgrading to a DR system.

DO Evaluate Your Current Needs

Think about the demands of your office in terms of how many patients you see and the overall flow of activity, the capabilities of your staff, and the types of imaging that need to be performed.

DON’T Buy On Price Alone

It’s hard to ignore a price tag, but you should never make a decision solely based on it. Keep in mind, long term pricing versus upfront pricing. A higher price upfront that includes reliable, high-quality service and support, for instance, is going to be well worth it over the long haul.

DO Understand Integration Issues

Overhauling any kind of internal system, in any office environment, is going to require an adjustment period. The same goes when upgrading to a digital radiography system. The ways in which images are stored, transferred, accessed, and utilized may require some changes to how you do things now.

DON’T Think It’s Plug & Play

This is the other side of the fence to the same issue. It’s simply not going to be as easy as plugging in a new piece of DR equipment and being instantly ready to go. Expect an adjustment and learning curve, but it will lead to increased efficiency and capabilities for your office.

DO Understand the Importance of Dose Reduction

DR equipment is about more than just providing benefits to your office, it’s about providing benefits to the health of your patients. A digital radiography system can provide dose reduction, offering a huge upside in reducing the long-term risk of repeated exposure.

DON’T Buy from Just Anyone

Considering who you’re buying from is just as important as not letting upfront price be the sole deciding factor when making a decision about where to purchase. Research the reputation of the company, along with their experience. Do they offer local service? Are they on hand for support, training, and other questions or assistance? What other kinds of equipment do they offer? Look for a full-service partner that your office can depend on now and in the future.

Medlink Imaging carries a wide range of digital x-ray equipment, ensuring there’s always a great match for any office’s specific DR needs. When it’s time to make an upgrade, find the perfect digital radiography system. Contact us here or call 800-456-7800 for more information.