Mobile Retrofit Solution

With the increased need in Mobile / Portable Medical Imaging, Medlink and Vieworks has developed an ideal portable DR Imaging System that addresses the needs of today's Radiographic Technologist. This unit offers great flexibility in configuration options as well as flexible financing options.
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Mobile Retrofit Products

Medlink Imaging DR detectors are a perfect blending of state-of-the-art technologies in medical engineering, optics, electronics and information technologies with brilliant hardware and software design.

Designed for the Mobile market, the 1417W retrofit panel is designed to offer new levels of handling and functionality.

The mobile panel system comes with an award winning acquisition software designed to provide speedy image acquisition
VXVue Software

Panel Packages

VIVIX-S Portable, Wireless is a Vieworks’ 14” x 17” flat panel detector for mobile radiographic applications using its unique image processing system. With the size the same as that of CR cassette or films, it fits into almost all existing bucky trays. The battery charger can recharge up to 3 batteries at the same time within 2 hours. An additional tether cable connection to the detector can also recharge the battery without removing it from the detector.

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Panel Features Include:

    Stable and Reliable AED
  • Needs no connection to an X-Ray Generator Detector
  • AP Mode or Detector Only Mode
    High Image Quality
  • High spatial resolution with 140㎛
    Convenient Usability
  • The same size as a film or a CR cassette for simple and easy upgrading conventional X-ray system
  • VXvueTM: Viewer software program operated under WindowsTM
    Wireless Data Transmission
  • InsideAPTM Fast wireless communication by IEEE 802.11n

Acquisition Software

The VXVue Aquisition software with Pureimpact ™blends cutting edge technology with a user friendly interface. The software features: easy management for simplified work flow, post-processing algorithm for an efficient diagnosis, various image adjustment tools, a user-friendly touch interface with intuitive GUI, and customizable skins.
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Medlink Imaging provides a full array of Radiographic Equipment for all applications. From a full analog x-ray units to all types of digital equipment and technology, we’re a one stop solution. For any questions or to start the purchase process click below.

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