Synchronized Cloud Back-up System
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Synchronized Cloud Back-up System
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VIVIX-s 3643V


Synchronized Cloud Back-up System
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VIVIX-s 3643V

  Additional Software and Services: VXvue Aquisition Software | QXLink Mini PACS |  Drop Insurance Coverage | Support

Our cloud based Dicom-centric archiving platform provides the ideal solution for your HIPAA & HITECH compliant back-up and recovery needs.

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Automated Back-Up

Don't worry about needing to schedule your backup. With DICOMesh, your backup is automatic

Instantaneous study retrieval/recovery

Synchronize your local backup to the cloud

Automatically sends X-rays directly from VXvue Acquisition Software

Query/Retrieve lost studies using QXLink

Encrypted Transfer

Rest assured knowing that your sensitive data is protected using the latest in data encryption technology

Data is encrypted using TLS 1.2 AES256

Data is stored within Microsoft Azure

Scalable storage through structured tiers: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB+

Easy To Use

Easy to use DICOMesh® provides an easy archiving solution to a highly secured cloud environment.

Automated protection that is HIPAA & HITECH compliant

Quickly and easily retrieve any past uploaded studies

DICOMesh is fully intergrated with VIVIX workstations

Even more integrated features with QXLink 3.3!

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How DICOMesh Works


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