Analog X-Ray Film

Medlink Imaging has been and continues to be one of the largest master distributor of medical x-ay film for General Radiography . Find the analog x-ray equipment and accessories you need here.
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RADIOMAT G-Plus X-ray Film

General X-ray film designed for use with green emitting intensifying screens, with high contrast in low densities to provide sharp and detailed images.


Distinctive products for a choice of spectral sensitivity and speed. Maximum image quality and consistency for general purpose radiology.


High Contrast, High Density Dry Processing film designed for use in Agfa DRYSTAR or equivalent imager. With highest diagnostic grayscale hardcopy.

Medlink Imaging provides a full array of Radiographic Equipment for all applications. From a full analog x-ray units to all types of digital equipment and technology, we’re a one stop solution. For any questions or to start the purchase process click below.

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