The Best Medical X-Ray Equipment for 2017 Compliance Laws

The Best Medical X-ray Equipment for 2017 Compliance Laws

It’s essential that any doctor’s office or medical imaging facility stays in compliance with the latest laws and regulations. Healthcare laws are always being updated and changed, so it’s important to stay up to date and avoid falling behind. This means having the right types of x-ray equipment, but also more than just the hardware itself. This also requires the essential software and services needed to offer full compliance in the smoothest ways possible.

Learn more about the best equipment and systems for x-ray compliance in 2017 here.

  • MIRAssist: With Medlink Imaging’s MIRAssist, medical offices receive a comprehensive program that monitors and maintains system updates, as well as security. The managed service also keeps track of maintenance as well, while providing HIPAA compliance, full system protection, business continuity and both automatic and managed recovery. [Learn more about MIRAssist]
  • Zyxel USG: A Unified Security Gateway or USG from Zyxel offers the next generation of network security and best-in-class firewall services for x-ray systems. Further, Zyxel USG’s offer gateway security, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), antivirus (AV), anti-spam, and content-filtering (CF) 2.0. It’s a powerful range of network security capabilities. [Learn more about Zyxel USG]
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection: Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) provides more than antivirus and firewall protection, also delivering network threat detection and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Coupling Symantec Insight and SONAR with reliable gateway protection, as per the above, is the best approach for an all-inclusive network security model all the way down to the endpoints. X-ray equipment including PACS systems and viewing work stations benefit from such protection as well. [Learn more about Symantec Endpoint Protection]
  • The Guard: The Guard from The Compliancy Group is a compliance solution system used to assess HIPAA compliance, both auditing and tracking x-ray systems. This system helps to identify compliance gaps, while delivering plans to maintain policies and procedures as a practice grows, and also as healthcare laws evolve and are updated over time. You’ll be well covered for compliance today, and also well positioned to continue to be in compliance in the years to come as well. [Learn more about The Guard]

    Medlink Imaging sells a wide range of the latest and best x-ray equipment, including digital radiography systems and all types of imaging technologies. We also provide support and maintenance for the systems we sell, along with our innovative MIRAssist managed service. MIRAssist is an essential tool for HIPAA x-ray compliance, system security, and more. Browse our site for our full product lineup and the details on MIRAssist, or call us at (800) 456-7800.

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