MIRAssist protection and recovery system
Cloud based protection and instant recovery system that is essential for today’s fast paced medical environments.

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Prevention that automatically optimizes performance and extends the life and effectiveness of your equipment.

Various self-healing agents that provide automated cyber patches.

Antivirus software management tool that provides automated updates.

Routine system sweeps that safeguards against vulnerabilities.

Automated operating system maintenance.

Rescue & Recovery
The Rescue & Recovery portion offers double data protection with both local and offsite storage of important files and information

Local and offsite storage of patient and system files.

Ability to perform computer restore from scratch (bare metal restore).

Protect and Access your information in the event of:

  • Natural Disasters
  • System Failures
  • Hard Drive Failures
  • OS Failures & Corruptions
  • Ransomeware and Other Virus Attacks
  • Maintenance & Support

    MIRAssist® provides 24/7 real-time monitoring, self healing, preventative maintenance, and care.

    Automated self-healing agent and offsite remote access agent.

    Automated support case creation if healing agent cannot resolve an issue.

    Automatically get emailed a monthly system health report.

    Maintain compliance by being able to keep track of your service records.

    Have any additional questions check out our FAQ page

    FAQ Page

    MIRAssist Pricing



    Per Month
    • 250 GB Storage
    • Monitoring Agent
    • Rescue & Recovery
    • Remote Control



    Per Month
    • 1 TB Storage
    • Monitoring Agent
    • Rescue & Recovery
    • Remote Control

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