Medlink Imaging provides a full array of Radiographic Accessories

Radiographic Accessories

Radiation Protection, Markers,
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Medlink Imaging has been providing Quality Radiographic Accessories for years. Our robust accessory catalog is available for download.

Agfa HealthCare RADIOMAT Lightweight Cassettes

These Cassette & Screen Combinations are designed for General Purpose Radiography.

These full-featured cassettes are strong and lightweight, and are available in various ranges of screen speeds and excellent flexibility.

Designed for consistant and reliable film & screen contact, which helps capture maximum information with low patient dose.

Medlink Cassettes
Hospital Grade Cassettes

These cassettes and screens are extremely durable, tough, light-tight, and esthetic.

Benefits of Medlink Cassettes:

Aviation-grade aluminum for outstanding durability of cassette and a patented strong protection layer on screen makes for a robust product to suit any environmental condition. Exceptional film-screen contact. Nitrogen imploded open cell P.U. foam system in cassette ensures no deterioration in film-screen contact over extended use. Designed to eliminate noise and back-scatter. Compatible with all film types.