Drop Insurance Coverage

Drop Insurance coverage provided by Vieworks allows you to increase the value of every transaction by being able to provide your clients with exceptional coverage and competitive rates for up to 5 years.

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Protection that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition with the ability to quote and bind insurance for up to 5 years after the point-of-sale.

Damage to the panel caused by an accidental drop is covered under drop insurance

Your customers will have access to exceptional coverage and competitive rates - fixed for the duration of enrollment.

Coverage will not be cancelled due to claims and pricing is fixed for the duration of the enrollment.

Your customer shall receive a permanent replacement detector directly from the manufacturer.

Protection for your customers investment will provide them with not only piece of mind, but will benefit them for years to come.

Interest free financing for multi year policies. We will not ask for multiple years upfront. *see insurance detail sheet

We’ll do all the billing and collecting for you! Once coverage is activated you are done. We will follow up with future billing.

Coverage is provided for up to (2) occurrences per year.

Your customer will deal directly with the manufacturer, freeing up your valuable time.

Vieworks Panel Insurance Pricing

Panel Coverage Pricing

Products covered by drop Insurance:
HVN054 – VIVIX-S DR 17x17 Panel
HVM011 – VIVIX-S DR 17x17 Panel
HVP007 – VIVIX-S DR 17x17 Panel
HVO007 – VIVIX-S DR 17x17 Panel
HV6056 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HV5116 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HVT007 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HVS008 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HV4024 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HV3029 – VIVIX-S DR 14x17 Panel
HVB021 – VIVIX-S DR 10x12 Panel
HVA027 – VIVIX-S DR 10x12 Panel

Terms and Conditions:
Your customer may purchase a 1 year to 5 year drop insurance policy, offered directly from the manufacturer

Price Per Year:
$1500 per Year

$5,000 (per occurrence)

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