A Full Chiropractic X-Ray System

The VIVIX 1717V Panel

and QXLink mini PACS System

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This all-in-one Chiropractic radiographic solution combines cutting edge technology with a high quality hardware design ideal for today's fast pace, high demand Chiropractic environment.

The Chiro Full-Room System Includes:
  • The "new" VIVIX 1717V Panel

    with new “plug and play” technology.

  • VIVIX DR Workstation

    with award winning, cutting edge viewing software.

  • QX Link Mini PACS system

    including Chiropractic specific measurement tools.

  • Chiro Tube, Wall Stand and Collimator

  • Chiro 30kW Generator

    *40 kW upgrade available

  • DICOMesh Backup and Recovery Protection

    included for (6) months.

Chiro Hardware Specifications

  • Integrated to Alto DR Software
  • kVp range from 40kVp to 125 kVp
  • mA range from 50mA to maximum 500 mA
  • **40kW HF Generator Upgrade Available

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.   

  • Floor-to-Wall -or- Floor-to-Ceiling mount with 5ft. rails
  • Platform tube mount
  • Angulations dial, operator hand grips, and electric locks
  • Fixed tubearm (specify 14", 17", 19" or 23")
  • Operates on 24 VDC
  • DR holder for VIVIX 17" x 17" panel
  • Mounting track for 17 1/4" x 18 7/8" grid
  • Electric locks
  • Certified front panel with center line
  • Grid 103LP 10:1 Ratio
  • Certified manual Collimator without swivel
  • Electronic Timer
  • Bucky Centering Light

  • Rotating anode 16 degree low speed
  • Dual focal spots:  small focus 1.0 / large focus 2.0
  • Five (5) year System Warranty
  • Five (5) year X-Ray Tube Pro-Rated Warranty
  • One (1) year Collimator Warranty

Panel System Specifications

Stable and Reliable AED
  • Vieworks' AnytimeTM proprietary Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) function with reliable performance
  • Supporting line trigger mode
Fast Data Communication Speed
  • Short booting time : 15 s
Convenient Usability
  • The same size as a film or a CR cassette for simple and easy upgrading conventional X-ray system
  • VXvueTM: Viewer software program operated under WindowsTM

Download 1717V Brochure

Model Name



a-Si TFT with photodiode



Pixel Pitch

140 ㎛

Spatial Resolution

3.5 lp/㎜


3072 x 3072 pixels

Image Size

17" x 17"

(43.0 ㎝ x 43.0 ㎝)


16 bit

Image Acquisition Time

2 s

15 s

Recommended Cycle Time

10 s

Data Interface

Gigabit Ethernet

X-ray Generator Interface

Line trigger: DR trigger Mode

Auto trigger: AED Mode


46.0 ㎝ x 46.0 ㎝ x 1.5 ㎝


4.5 kg



Dust and Water Resistant


X-ray Voltage Range

40 - 150 kVp

Operating Environment

10℃ to 35℃

30 % to 85 % RH (non-condensing)


DC 24V, 0.6A

Download 1717V Brochure

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.   

Acquisition Workstation Model: Dell Optiplex Series includes:

  • 8th Gen Intel Core i7 vPro Processor (6 Cores/12 MB/3.2 GHz)
  • Preloaded OS: Windows 10 Pro 64
  • 16 GB (2X8GB) DDR4, 2666 MHz UDIMM
  • Intel Integrated Graphics
  • 8x DVD+/-RW 9.5mm Optical Disk Drive
  • 256GB M.2 SSD OS drive
  • 1TB Local Mini-PACs in a RAID 1 (2 drives total),VxVue with PureImpact™ DR Acquisition Viewer for VIVIX-S Series
  • 24" LED-backlit LCD Touchscreen Monitor (Advanced Exchange Service, 3 Years)

Prosupport Plus Coverage Includes:

  • Next Business Day On-Site 3 Years
  • Keep Your Hard Drive, 3 Years
  • Accidental Damage Service, 3 Years

Concurrent Views:

  • Ten (10) Local Area Network (LAN) Viewers
  • DICOM Send - Multi Destination
  • DICOM Print, DICOM MWL Modality Worklist
  • User Friendly Touch Screen GUI

Measurement Tools Includes:

  • Auto and Manual Selection
  • Archive
  • Image Preview
  • Magnify
  • Zoom
  • Pan
  • Annotation
  • Window Level
  • Rotate
  • Repeat/Reject
  • L/R Marker

* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.   

  • Workstation Pre-Configured prior to shipment
  • TEN (10) LAN – Local Area Network Viewers
  • DICOM Send – Multi Destination, DICOM Print
  • DICOM MWL Modality Worklist
  • User-Friendly Touch GUI
  • Measurement Tools, including: Auto and Manual Selection, Archive, Image Preview, Magnify, Zoom, Pan,
  • Annotation, Window Level, Rotate, Repeat / Reject, L/R Marker
  • Image Export – DICOM, JPEG, TIF and BMP with or without Viewer
  • Five (5) years Panel Manufacturer Warranty
  • Five (5) years Computer Acquisition Station and Monitor Warranty from the Manufacturer
  • One (1) year Remote Support

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