Agfa Digital X-Ray Machine Retrofit Solutions

Your new DR x-ray solution…Up and Running in an Instant!

Don’t wait for DR quality

With the DX-D 40 digital detector, your direct digital radiography (DR) solution will be up and running in no time! Easy and fast installation means you get the benefits of DR, in an instant. The new Automatic Exposure Detector (AED) eliminates the need for an electrical connection to the digital x-ray machine, so you can use it seamlessly with virtually any X-ray system, right away.

NX DX-D 40 Retrofit Packages

The NX DX-D 40 Retrofit Packages offer general radiographic facilities all the advantages of Direct Digital Radiography, while maximizing the use of their existing equipment.

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SE + NX DX-D 40 Retrofit Packages

The SE + NX DX-D 40 Retrofit Packages are All-in-One Solutions that combine the qualities of NX for acquisition and processing with those of SE for reading and archiving.

With our help, you can upgrade and retrofit your existing systems quickly and easily. Learn more about getting started with an Agfa DR x-ray system by calling 800.456.7800

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